We met Kimela about this time last year when we saw her number on a sign in front of a house that we wanted to look at. She jetted right over and showed it to us. She is so sweet and has a wonderful sense of humor we hit it of right off the bat. We know that she was the realter we wanted. She gave an honest opinion of a house. She is not pushie. We hate pushie sales people. We finally found the house of our dreams. Even after we found the house she kept working with us till the end. She is NOT afraid to ask the builders/owner any question. In my case haveing a gas stove where there was no gas. She asked and we now have a GREAT gas stove. You would think that after closing you wouldn’t see her anymore. Not true she calls from time to time to see how we are doing and how we are liking the house. I can’t express how great she is at her job. I’m so happy to have met her. She made it possable for me to get into the home of my dreams. BTW today is one year of owning this house and still loving it. Where did the time go? Thank you so much Kimela we wouldn’t have this house if it wasn’t for you

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